I create my pieces to fit all budgets!

Recently, a client decided to purchase an engagement ring from me after he had surveyed some of his girlfriend’s friends. He asked them which they would prefer to have: a ring from a well-known brand (ie Tiffany’s, Cartier) or a bigger and better diamond without the brand name. They all said they would prefer to have the bigger diamond, and so he came to me. Lately I’ve been posting a lot of rings I’ve made for clients with a higher budget, but I don’t want to give the impression that I only create expensive pieces. With the concept I’ve created for my business, my overhead is a lot lower than the larger retailers. This allows me to work on smaller margins. For my clients, that means I can give you Tiffany’s quality for a fraction of the price. A lot of people are interested to know the cost of certain pieces I’ve posted photos of online. I wanted to make it clear that all of the jewellery I’ve designed can be recreated to meet your budget! I have designed engagement rings ranging from $1000-$150,000. I thought I would show some examples of work I’ve done in a lower price range. The pieces in these photos were all made for $5000 or less. Image

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