The Hearts and Arrows Diamond!

The Hearts and Arrows Diamond!

I’ve just sold this diamond to a client who asked me to find him something rare and extraordinary. No other cut can match the superiority of a Hearts and Arrows diamond. These stones possess a brilliance like no other due to their highly precise faceting pattern. When viewed through a “Hearts and Arrows viewer” you will distinctly see 8 symmetric arrows in the face up position (as seen in the top right image) and 8 symmetric hearts in the table down position (as seen in the bottom left image). These repeating patterns allow the diamond to return the maximum amount of light to the eye, so even in low-lighting conditions, your diamond will always sparkle brightly, and will even appear larger and whiter than other stones of the same size. Approximately 1% of diamonds are cut to this exacting standard. This is the type of quality you can expect from The Diamond Studio. Visit our website, or book an appointment to learn more about Hearts and Arrows diamonds.

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