How We Do It

At The Diamond Studio, we implement the latest in JewelCAD software to design your original piece of jewellery.  We generate a precise 3D concept of your piece, which is then sent to you for your approval. We will make as many changes or adjustments as is necessary to meet your satisfaction. This tool is far more efficient than the traditional method of hand-carving a wax model. By using this cutting-edge design technology, we can ensure that your piece will be structurally sound and cut to perfection. Once the wax model has been created, we will meet with you for your final approval before moving on to the next stage.​​​​​​​​​​​​

Every diamond used for our pieces must first pass through our stringent quality control standards. All diamonds are calibrated to .01 of a milimeter and are painstakingly matched in colour and clarity. If a single diamond slips through the cracks in the production stage of your piece, we will have it removed and replaced with a diamond that meets our exemplary criterion.

There are several ways of setting diamonds; the first and cheapest way is to set the diamonds directly into the wax model. This is the method used for the majority of jewellery found in stores today.  This is a very insecure way of setting the diamonds.  With wear and tear, the diamonds will eventually fall out. The second method is to set the diamonds into the gold by hand and eye, this is a much more secure method.

​At The Diamond Studio, we set our diamonds into the gold using a microscope at 50x magnification. This is by far the most secure method of setting. We go the extra mile to make certain that your piece of jewellery will be immaculate in every way.​

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